Worldwide WordPress 5K

Today is the official day for the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5K.  Think distributed run for a distributed company, and everyone is welcome to join.  One of my favorite entries is from fellow Automattician Karim Osman, who did a 5K dance.

I ran my WWWP5K yesterday, it happened to be race day at CMRA.  The Bluffs Run 5K is a beautifully scenic course with a 10% average grade and total elevation change of 750 feet.  The elevation profile even has a W in it:

I finished in just under 24 minutes, not terrible for an old guy on a hilly course — the winning time was a blazing 17:50!  Most of all, a run is a great way to start the weekend, and it was especially fun running in spirit with everyone else joining in WWWP5K.

If you haven’t run (or danced) your WWWP5K yet, get outside, or on a treadmill, bike, dance floor, pool, whatever — and join the fun.

9 thoughts on “Worldwide WordPress 5K

    1. By the way, the horses in the picture came over a rise and just about took me and 2 other hikers out. I run into a lot of horses on the trail but never have had happen before.

      1. Great site, Aaron — very well organized and more useful than the book version. I especially like the “By Beauty” section. I wish had been around when our kids could still be coerced to go on hikes with us.

        I ran next to a horse the other day at the Bluffs, passed him on downhills and he passed me on uphills. He wasn’t going nearly as fast as the ones in your photos. Multi-use trails are great but horses are a whole different animal, so to speak.

        The elevation profile is from the USA Track & Field site, apparently the Bluffs loop is one of their approved routes:

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