The Parking Lot Movie

Through the magic of Netflix I came across this amazing documentary last weekend.  The Parking Lot Movie is a 79-minute meditation on capitalism, sociology, management, class war, and of course, cars.

The Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesville, VA, is staffed by unlikely attendants — graduate students in philosophy and theology, for example — which gives them and this movie a wonderfully entertaining lens through wjich to watch the collision of low-paying service sector jobs, higher education and spoiled undergrads who park their parents’ BMWs in the lot and try to skirt a $0.40 parking charge.

As a bonus gem, there are some songs by parking lot attendant, bluesy folksinger and UVA law student Mark Schottinger:

Update: Smitten by these songs, I emailed Mark Schottinger to find out if more of his music is available somewhere:

  1. The Parking Lot Movie Soundtrack has the two songs from the film, but unfortunately not the full version of Hellbound (iTunes)
  2. Three songs on Dawn of Man Productions.
  3. There’s an album on Bandcamp — my opinion, this one doesn’t sound as good as the other stuff.
  4. YouTube, search for Mark Schottinger (also see YouTube video above).

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